To Know Your TGIAC 2018 Rankings

The India’s Largest Nature Aquarium Photo Contest

Share and Enjoy the Planted Layout Hobby
with the People All over the India, Nepal & Bangladesh

The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest – India’s Largest Nature Aquarium Photo Competition is conducted by Still Water Aquatics and Aqua Design Amano, Japan where aquascapers from all over India, Nepal & Bangladesh submit pictures of their aquascapes and judged by world renowned aquascapers.

A major objective of TGIAC is for the hobbyists to share and enjoy their planted aquarium hobby with people all over the world, instead of enjoying it as an individual fun activity. Join us and show your proud work to the world!


The Great Indian Aquascaping Awards 2015

Participants of The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest 2015

TGIAC is Open for Everyone!

Take a photograph of your aquascape layout
and enter the Contest.

Access the exclusive TGIAC Guidelines Section to find out the basic tutorials for photographing aquascapes. You can also learn how to take aquascape photographs from the winning works by visiting “Hall of Fame” Section.


“Simple” Flowchart from Completion of
Aquasape Layout to Entry to TGIAC

  • Apply for TGIAC

    Enter the Contest on the TGIAC Portal and fill in the relevant details
  • Upload your Aquascape

    Enter the Contest by uploading high quality Image of your Aquascape in .jpg or .png format.
  • Aquascape Evaluation

    Entry is closed. Judging commences! Your Uploaded Aquascape will be evaluated by our International Judges.
  • Get Awarded

    Winner of the Contest will be awarded at our Nature Aquarium Festival.

For the entry to TGIAC, you can also visit a
TGIAC Support Shop located across India

The TGIAC Support shops provide aquarists with various supports, ranging from layout creation to the entry for the Contest. If you bring the photograph of your planted aquarium layout to the shop, you can enter the TGIAC on the spot. For more information, contact your nearest TGIAC Support Shop.