Installing Aquarium Tank

Place a 60cm-width Cube Garden
quietly on a Cube Cabinet.


① Check for Levelness

Install a Cube Cabinet on an adequately strong and stable floor. Make sure it is level by using a level gauge.

② Place a Garden Mat

Garden Mat is designed to absorb distortion of aquarium cabinet. Be sure to use it for enhanced safety.

ADA’s Live Substrate System

Substrate is a place where aquatic plants spread their roots. Create an environment where plant roots have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria and microorganisms.

Organic compounds in the substrate are broken down into inorganic compounds, which will eventually be absorbed by aquatic plants through their roots. “Live substrate” means the substrate that is rich in bacteria having a symbiotic relationship with aquatic plant roots.


Make a Neat Substrate Line

Make a neat and straight substrate line. Avoid the front side from becoming too thick. Adding a slight slope from front to back gives an additional sense of depth to the layout.


Making the Framework of Layout

Driftwood serves as a framework of the composition.
Place driftwood in a stable condition while considering a good right/left and front/back balance.There is no need to arrange driftwood in a complicated manner.

Making of Nature Aquarium aquascape, which recreates nature within an aquarium, starts with making up the composition. This process is done by placing driftwood and stones to form the overall balance and make the framework of the aquascape. After that, aquatic plants are chosen and planted. Decide your own layout composition and plant the aquatic plants of your choice – Nature Aquarium is to create “your original nature”, which is the only one in the world, in an aquarium.


Three Basic Compositions

There are three basic patterns of composition for Nature Aquarium: triangular, convex and concave. They are easy to make and good for planted aquarium beginners.


Convex Composition

The most difficult of the three basic compositions to achieve good balance. Balance between right and left open space is critical.


Concave Composition

The most popular composition for the planted aquarium. Ensure some open space in the center.


Triangular Composition

Composition with wider open space at either the right or left side. Pay attention to the angle of the driftwood which constitutes the hypotenuse of a triangle.

Planting Starts with Foreground Plants

To achieve elaborate planting of aquatic plants,
adequate preparation prior to planting and
the planting technique with Pinsettes are required.


Planting work will be easier if the water is poured to the level at which the substrate is barely covered with water. Doing this prevents aquatic plants from being buoyant and hands from getting wet.

Attaching Willow Moss to Driftwood for
Enhanced Natural Feel

Willow moss is an essential plant for any aquarium layout that uses driftwood. It is attached to the wood using Moss Cotton. The use of Riccia Line is recommended for attaching less epiphytic plants such as South American moss.