Solar RGB

Solar RGB

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The lighting fixture which ensures not just healthy growth of aquatic plants, but also their brilliantly beautiful colors. It brightens up the natural greens and reds of your aquatic plants with its innovative lighting technology.

  • Size / Lighting unit: W43×D28×H6.4 (cm)
  • Electronic ballast: W21×D9×H6.5 (cm)
  • Weight / Lighting unit: 2.6kg, Electronic ballast: 1.5kg
  • Input voltage / AC100〜240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Power consumption / 130W
  • Luminous flux / 3,000〜3,500lm
  • Illuminance / Around 21,000Lx (Central illuminance at 30cm distance)
  • Color temperature / Around 9,000〜12,000K
  • LED light / 160 (RGB LED)
  • LED lifetime / Over 30,000 hours
  • Operating temperature range / 0〜35℃

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Shade for Solar RGB

Shade for Solar RGB

SHADE should be attached to the front/rear of lighting unit of Solar RGB

Its simple design enables the attaching/detaching easily

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As an optional part for Solar RGB, it prevents light leakage coming out from Solar RGB and reduces glaringness. Also, its light reflector enhances downright illuminance up to approx. 15%.

  • Solar RGB does NOT come along with SHADE.
  • SHADE is coming with 2 plates as one set.

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