Nature Aquarium Learning Center

SWA Gallery

NALC is dedicated to educate nature and aquarium enthusiasts about the concept of Nature Aquariums

What you can do at NALC?

Attend workshops that teach people the hobby of nature aquariums using a very hands on approach, the best products in the industry, a well thought out syllabus, and a world class Aquascaper as the tutor.

Try out every ADA product and get a closer look at them to know why ADA is the best manufacturer of Nature Aquarium goods in the world.

Check out the newest plants that come out of the Still Water Aquatics farms.

Experiment and create your own Hardscapes using a wide variety of Hardscape materials.

Get all your doubts and queries regarding aquariums and fish clarified by our well trained staff and Adip Sajjan Raj himself.

Get to read some of the best Nature Aquarium Journals and magazines to take your Nature Aquarium hobby to the next level

Relax and chill among some beautiful aquascapes


NALC is the only place of its kind that provides all the above features under one roof. So come experience the art of Nature Aqauriums only at Nature Aquarium Learning Center, Bangalore