NALC Beginner Workshop Curriculum is designed to educate and train Aquarium Hobbyists and Shopkeepers on fish-keeping and Nature Aquarium

Beginner Workshop

An interactive workshop that teaches the basics of Fish keeping and Aquascaping. It is recommended for people who are new to the hobby.

Inside Beginner Workshop - Topics

Introduction to Fish-keeping,

Fish compatibility

Identifying fish diseases and fish quarantine.

Substrate layering

Nitrogen cycle

Importance of Light, Filtration and CO2

Fish stress

Introduction to aquascaping styles

Planting process


Learn from the Master Aquascaper

Adip Sajjan Raj has been the hobby of fish keeping for over 25 years and is a world renowned Aquascaper who trained under Mr. Takashi Amano.

Adip Sajjan Raj
Master Aquascaper

Adip's Diary

Glimpses from the Past Workshops

Testimonials from our Students

Excellent workshop. I would like to thank the Team for making this event a very engaging one. Thanks to Adip for his patience and time. Looking forward to participate in the Advanced workshop.

Apurba K. Mandal

Complete Session was very informative and I have learnt alot with all the support provided by NALC Team.

Keerthi Sudarshan

This Workshop went very smooth and is must for a NA beginner