To Recreate
Native Ecosystems in Full Scale

It is a dream of Nature Aquarium.

The aquarium with arranged plants to enjoy its beauty is generally called the planted aquarium. Nature Aquarium is a part of planted aquariums in a broad sense; however, it has unique philosophy and maintenance approach. They are based on the fundamental concept, “learning from nature”. Now, what is it to learn from nature? That is to learn the beauty of nature and to incorporate the aesthetic expression into a layout. It is like to clip the beautiful piece among endless beautiful landscapes existing in nature by building a composition with stones and driftwood and arranging plants in a tank to represent a beautiful aquascape.

The environment in Nature Aquarium is supported in the small ecosystem formed by plants, fish and microorganisms while interacting each other. Nature Aquarium is like a microcosm of nature, and that is why we can see lively swimming fish in their true colors. Creating Nature Aquarium to build an aquascape where the fish confuse with natural environment and to recreate a natural ecosystem in full scale is simply one of the great ambitions. In May 2013, Takashi Amano, the aquascaper having such huge dream, received an invitation form Oceanário de Lisboa in Portugal. That was the beginning of this lifetime Nature Aquarium project.


Challenge to the

Create Nature in full scale.

It is a 40m in length containing 160t, a supermassive tank at unprecedented scale. The challenge is to create the world’s largest Nature Aquarium within one week. For the success of this unprecedented try, the scrupulous advance planning and preparation were critical. At the same time, of course it required the many staff involved to function as roles of individuals in the team under Amano’s leadership.

A dream comes true. It’s always easy to say but the bigger the dream is, the harder it is to achieve. However, Takashi Amano and his staff have delivered the huge dream. How was the Nature Aquarium created in the uniquely-shaped super-massive 40m tank? It was the attempt to create nature that human beings should be proud of.

The Layout is just like one symphony telling a story


“The Tropical Paradise” has started life.




On the first day of public release of the temporary exhibition of super massive Nature Aquarium, a crowd of people eagerly waiting for the opening of the aquarium was seen at the entry gate to the annex of Oceanário de Lisboa.


The super massive Nature Aquarium is exhibited in this building. The scaly tiled wall and waterfall are impressive. The architectural structures including the main building are entertaining on their own.


The name of “TAKASHI AMANO” is printed under “FLORESTAS SUBMERSAS”. Mr.Falcato, the CEO of Oceanário de Lisboa, says the significance is that it is Amano’s work.

Aquascape expressing
magnificence and meticulousness
of nature


The world’s largest Nature Aquarium created by Takashi Amano impressively appears as full scale waters in Nature right in front of visitors. Despite its size of 40m, the planting is so delicate in the massive tank. It consists of various kinds of aquatic plants as if it is in a tropical jungle. Amano states the concept of this aquascape as “Tropical Paradise” to demonstrate his passion for tropical forests. His challenge was to recreate the ecosystem in actual Nature. The tank is 40m in length with 160t of water inside, which contains 8,550L of Amazonia Soil, 20t of volcanic stones, 78 giant driftwood, 46 species of plants, and 10,000 tropical fish of 40 species. (As at April 22, 2015)