Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions and answers on ADA products are provided for your reference. See the FAQ if you have any questions on how to choose or use ADA products.

Q. The cord connected to the electronic ballast cannot be removed.

The cord can be removed by pulling it while pressing the mounting base below the black connector (in the case where the electronic ballast is placed on the floor, etc.).

Q. Metal halide lamp and NA lamp do not turn on.

A. Install the lamp again and check for poor contact. If the lamp still does not turn on, bring the lamp to your dealer.

Q. I am not sure about the color variations of metal halide lamp. Which one should I choose?

NAMH is a metal halide lamp with high color rendering properties. It produces natural colors close to fluorescent NA Lamp. On the other hand, NAG helps the green aquatic plants look more vivid. There is no difference in growth rate of aquatic plants between them. NAG is recommended for those who wish to have more vivid green color in a planted aquarium while NAMH is recommended for those who wish to emphasize red aquatic plants and red color of tropical fish, though the choice will ultimately depend on your preference.
10,000K and Blue Light (equivalent to 20,000K) lamps are for marine aquarium.

Q. Is it possible to connect Solar I to NA Control Timer?

A. Yes. Only one unit of Solar I can be connected to NA Control Timer (for Grand Solar I as well, only one unit can be connected).
NA Control Timer is designed for up to 200W per electrical outlet. However, it can accommodate only one unit of 150W lighting system to withstand high in-rush current when a metal halide lamp is turned on

Q. The instruction says that the lamp needs to be replaced once a year. Will there be any trouble if I don’t replace the lamp?

For both fluorescent and metal halide lamps, it is advisable to replace it about once a year.
Illumination level of fluorescent lamp substantially lowers in 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, fluorescent lamp should be replaced to maintain stable illumination intensity. For metal halide lamp, the color rendering properties deteriorate after 1 year and the green color will not stand out in such a condition. An old metal halide lamp is easily subjected to excess current, which can result in broken lamp or overload to electronic ballast. To use your lighting system safely for a long time, please replace the lamp periodically, about once a year.