Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions and answers on ADA products are provided for your reference. See the FAQ if you have any questions on how to choose or use ADA products.

Q. I’m using Super Jet Filter. Water is leaking from canister after I cleaned the filter media.

A. Water may leak from canister if fragments of filter media are stuck on the O-ring or in the O-ring groove. Clean the O-ring and wipe well the O-ring groove, and then reset the O-ring. If water still leaks after this procedure, contact your dealer.

Q. Water flow from VUPPA-I got weaker and it stopped functioning.

A. Debris accumulation inside VUPPA-I is suspected. Perform the maintenance according to the manual. The water flow substantially decreases if the water inlet and outlet of the submersible pump are clogged with debris or small shells. Be sure to disassemble the submersible pump to remove the debris buildup during the maintenance. If the symptom does not improve even after the maintenance, bring your VUPPA-I to the dealer you purchase from.

Q. The submersible pump of VUPPA-I cannot be removed.

A. The submersible pump can easily be removed from the main unit by pushing it with a thick magic ink pen after removing the strainer and filter media. Force pulling the cord to remove the submersible pump can result in wire disconnection or damaged cord. Pull the cord slowly while moving it slightly to the right and left.

Q. I cannot remove Lily Pipe from the hose.

A. Glass pipes such as Lily Pipe adhere tightly to the hose and cannot be removed easily. To remove glass pipe, slightly push it in the pipe to make a gap between them. At this time, you should hold the pipe at a point close to the hose connection. The pipe may break if you hold a portion away from the hose connection and apply force.
It would be more difficult to remove the pipe if it is left connected to the hose for a long time. To avoid this, clean the pipe periodically. In the event where the hose becomes hardened and the pipe really cannot be removed, do not attempt to force remove it but cut the hose with a cutter knife, etc. to remove it. If the hose has been hardened, replace with a new hose as early as possible.