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Cube Garden


Cube Garden is a standard type tank for Nature Aquarium. It’s transparency is higher than previous model’s. Gives more clear and beautiful presentation of aquascape. Produced by experienced craftsmen by hand.
(Glass Cover corresponds D type and E type)

Product Pricing Table
Item CodeItem DescriptionSize (cm)Glass thickness (mm)Number of hooksCapacity (L)Price (INR)
102-870Cube Garden 30-CW30×D30×H3054256798
102-865Cube GardenW30×D18×H2454125562
102-863Cube Garden Mini MW36×D22×H2654196283
102-8545Cube Garden 45-FW45×D24×H165-166901
102-8512Cube Garden 45-PW45×D27×H3054348549
102-8514Cube Garden 45-HW45×D30×H45645617098
102-871Cube Garden 45-CW45×D45×H45648528325
102-8555Cube Garden 60-FW60×D30×H185-309270
102-8522Cube Garden 60-PW60×D30×H36646010197
102-8524Cube Garden 60-HW60×D30×H45647520291
102-8534Cube Garden 60-H 45W60×D45×H458811225750
102-8532Cube Garden 75-PW75×D45×H458814128016
102-8543Cube Garden 90-PW90×D45×H4510816644290
102-8554Cube Garden 90-HW90×D45×H6010822388580
102-8553Cube Garden 120-PW120×D45×H4512821962830
102-8563Cube Garden 120-HW120×D45×H60128295113815
102-8562Cube Garden 180-PW180×D60×H601516590360500

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Cube Garden Superior


Cube Garden Superior is the ideal form of ADA aquarium tank. The concept is to show beautiful scenery maximally. German heat resistant glass is used and put together with high temperature.
(Made-to-order, Not correspond Metal Hook or Glass Cover)

* Stainless-steel hook is NOT included.
* In some cases, the product may contain small air bubbles in glass joints due to product characteristics.

Product Pricing Table

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