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Cube Cabinet Clear

for W60×D30

for W30×D18

  • W60×D30
  • W30×D18

Cube Cabinet Clear is an aquarium cabinet made of the same clear glass material as Cube Garden (Woodbase Board is an optional item). With its ultimately simple design, this cabinet perfectly matches Cube Garden and AQUASKY. For 60cm aquarium tanks, complete stand sets, including Solar Ⅰ/Solar Ⅱ Stand and Woodbase Board are also available. Please select product according to your lighting system.

* Cube Cabinet 60 may not be used for W60×D30×H45cm tanks.(It is exclusively designed for W60×D30×H36cm tanks)
* No lighting system is included in this product.

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Cube Cabinet Mist


This Cube Cabinet for 60cm tanks uses a sand-blasted glass for its rear plate. When installed in a well-lighted location such as a window side, Cube Cabinet Mist softly diffuses the light coming from the back. It is available with an optional Woodbase Board and also as the set that comes with Solar Ⅰ/Solar Ⅱ Stand. Please select product set according to your lighting system.

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Woodbase Board


Woodbase Board is specifically designed for Cube Cabinet to provide enhanced stability. It allows the safe use of Cube Cabinet. For 60cm tanks, ADA offers a single bottom Woodbase Board and a set of top and bottom Woodbase Board. The set is for the installation of Solar Ⅰ or Solar Ⅱ, whereas the single board is suitable when using AQUASKY.

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