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CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2

CO2 system

YA is the standard-grade regulator for CO2 small cartridge. We value both safety and function, and chose to use reliable Japanese parts, such as floating needle for opening the cartridge, and high-precision speed controller.

* A bottle of CO2 System 74 Tropical Forest No.1 Amazonian included.

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CO2 System 74-SA

CO2 System

SA is the high-grade model regulator for CO2 small cartridge. You can control the discharge pressure in a range of 0.00-0.35MPa, and you can control the pressure depending on the number of aquarium tanks.

* A bottle of CO2 System 74 Tropical Forest No.1 Amazonian included.

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CO2 System 74-Tropical Forest

CO2 cylinder

CO2 small cartridge for CO2 System 74. Fragrances of the world's three major tropical rainforest images are added to highly-pure CO2. It is equipped with original safety seal and original connection pitch. Even beginners can easily attach the cartridge to the regulator.

* Net contents: 74g (fragrant beads included)
* CO2 lasts approximately one month with the supply of 1 bubble per second through CO2 Bubble Counter, 8 hours per day.

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CO2 Advanced System

ADA CO2 Advanced System White

Installed System

  • CO2 Advance System
  • Installed View

Everything you need to get started supplying CO2 to your planted aquarium. Ideal for smaller and desktop size tanks, this tidy system is an efficient and space-saving way to provide CO2 to your small nature aquarium. Great for nano aquarium.
With every component necessary included, the ADA CO2 Advanced System kit is suitable even for the beginner supplying CO2 to the aquarium for the first time. Included also is Green Bacter, which serves to stimulate, nurture, and stabilize filtration bacteria.

Included in the CO2 Advanced System kit:

CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2
CO2 System 74 Tropical Forest No. 1 Amazonian
Pollen Glass CO2
CO2 Glass Counter
Check Valve
Ball Valve
Cap Stand
Pressure Resistant Tubing
Silicone Tubing
Suction Cups
ADA Green Bacter

System 74-YA/ver.2 regulator and the System 74 disposable cartridge must be kept in an upright position during use to prevent liquified CO2 gas from getting into the regulator and causing damage. A specially designed ADA Cap Stand is available for the specific purpose of keeping the bottle in a proper upright position during use.

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System 74 Cap Stand


It is a stand for CO2 System 74 cartridge. Metal Cap Stand made of stainless steel is also available. The cartridge bottle must be used in a upright position.

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Clear Stand for CO2 System 74


Clear Stand is a CO2 cartridge stand specially designed for ADA CO2 System 74-Tropical Forest series. It is placed on the side of a tank in an elegant form. Its clear acrylic material goes well with frame-less aquariums like Cube Garden.

* Mountable on the side panel of pool type aquarium tank 6mm or less in thickness.
* The regulator and CO2 cartridge shown in the image photo are not included in the product package.
* It is not possible to use with Do!aqua CO2 Starter Kit.

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