7 Reasons to keep Nature Aquariums

1.Reduces Stress

Watching an aquarium for a few minutes every day can significantly reduce your stress levels. A well-maintained Nature Aquarium with colorful fish swimming in its natural environment can take your mind off unnecessary thoughts and drastically reduce stress.


2.Decreases Anxiety

Anxiety naturally decreases when you watch your fish going about their lives swimming, feeding and playing. It actually has a similar effect to hypnosis, as it demands your attention and you tend to forget your worries that overwhelm you. Also improves blood pressure & monitors heart rate.


3.Improves Sleep


Since the positive energy brought to the room by aquarium reduces stress while you sleep, it helps you to have a better night’s sleep.

4.Teaches Children Patience And Makes Them More Responsible

Hyperactive kids tend to calm down when they have a Planted Aquarium around. It also helps them sleep better and feel more secure when the lights are off. Aquariums can be quite entertaining and kids develop a sense of curiosity, thereby making them want to learn more about wildlife and nature. Have you heard of dolphins helping children with different emotional disorders?

Well, some studies also showed that watching fish in an aquarium calmed children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


5.Helps children learn their subjects better


Gives children an opportunity to learn Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Environmental Sciences all by just keeping a Nature Aquarium. And they tend to easily connect with what has been taught in their classroom.


6.Reduces Pain

Most hospitals and clinics keep Planted aquariums in the waiting area not just for decorative purposes. Aquariums have been proven to help people overcome pain. Dental patients, who observe the fish tank while waiting, experience less pain during their dental procedures and require less pain medication.

Also people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease benefit from watching an aquarium. They eat better, be calmer and they require fewer supplements. They also display less physically aggressive behavior and tend to be happier.


7.Vastu And Feng Shui

A Feng Shui fish tank has the potential of having many positive benefits. However, you must properly place and care for the aquarium in order to attract the positive flow of energy.

Nature Aquariums are commonly used to activate and enhance your money and career luck. If used properly, it can bring wealth, money, and abundance to a person. This is why Aquariums are commonly seen in Asian restaurants and banks, and they are usually located close to the entrance. Fish tanks are also used as a remedy to counter negative energy.

An improved work atmosphere could lead to smoother collaboration or even increased employee retention, productivity and revenue for the business


Aquariums should be an important part of human life. They benefit us so much that each and every home, office or clinic should have a Planted Aquarium. They bring harmony into a space.

So do you have a Nature Aquarium ?