7 reasons why aquascaping is the best hobby for children.



Children will come across fertilizers, filtration, PH tests and much more while maintaining an aquarium. During the process of resolving the issues like cloudy water, water quality they are bound to get familiar with delicate terminologies and their effects.



They learn concepts of water dynamics, pressure, volume, density, light. They also learn about light spectrum, refraction and light penetration inside the water. They will understand how plant color, growth and health are dependent on the quality and spectrum of light that they receive.


They learn about the various beautiful fauna that live above and under water. Kids will come across various types of fishes and their behavior. They will also learn about the life span, survival habitat, food chain and reproduction in fish.




Learn the components that go into creating a sustainable ecosystem with state of the art technology and use of equipment. They will come across the advanced technology that is used in creating these Nature Aquariums.

5. Environmental Studies

They will learn the importance of the balance in our ecosystem. Every aquarium is its very own micro universe, with its own fauna and flora. Species of different sizes, shapes and hues. Palaces with shrouded doors, caves with hidden entrances and various types of rocks and sand.

Children’s creative mind and imagination are tested when they need to construct the fishes play area while choosing and placing different components in the aquarium.


Children do become keen on the piece of the world their fish originate from, find out about how their fish act and reproduce, identify which different species their fish could coexist with, find out how to keep them healthy and avoid them from falling sick. Monitor algae growth and perform basic science tests to determine the quality of the water and its temperature.



Learn about different flora that exist on the face of this planet and see it grow live. Children can experience photosynthesis happening right in front of their eyes. This helps them understand and appreciate this phenomenon on a global scale.


Aquarium will instill into every participant a sense of joy, a sense of responsibility towards an other living being. Children start to care for and become sensitive about their surroundings and the creatures they share their space with. They have a form of expression where they as individuals express their unique artistic abilities. A deep seated sense of understanding of mother nature and her workings far better explained than any test book ever will.

Introduce your children to Nature Aquariums, and see them blossom.



So do you have a Nature Aquarium ?


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